Horizon Wind Power



Horizon Wind Power is an independent wind energy company focused on building utility-scale wind sites in New York State and the North East. We create value throughout the asset life cycle, from site lease/acquisition, permitting/licensing, financing, grid integration, build and development, to the day to day management of the project. Our primary philosophy is that wind energy resources promise value not only to shareholders but to customers alike.

Electricity will play an increasingly important role in our energy future as electric vehicles become more widespread. It is predicted that continued reductions in battery prices will bring the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles below that for conventional-fuel vehicles by 2025, even with low oil prices. We believe that this presents opportunities for companies like Horizon Wind Power whose energy resources will be clean, cost competitive and scalable to meet rising demand.


Project Penelope


Horizon Wind Power is proposing an innovative new approach to meet the growing energy needs on Long Island’s South Shore with a wind farm encompassing cutting-edge technology, as well as a new battery energy storage system. In response to PSEG -Long Island’s request for reliable, renewable energy resources serving the South Shore of Long Island, Horizon Wind Power is proposing a 300MW, 30-turbine wind farm, including an offshore substation. The location has been picked specifically for its proximity to existing onshore substations, strategic interconnection to the grid, and their optimal wind speeds (9-9.5meters per second). The careful selection of potential wind sites is a critical aspect of the overall wind farm development process.

The wind farm named ‘Penelope’ would operate for a period of 20-25 years after which the turbines would either be decommissioned or the life of the wind farm would be extended by a further application for consent. We plan to position the wind site 21 nautical miles off the South Shore of Long Island.


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